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It is undisputably known that Sweden is home to some of the most prestigious and top-rated universities we have in Europe and also world. There is the Uppsala universitet, Linköping University, Stockholm University, Karolinska Institute, Lund University, Gothenburg University and many other notable universities that one can choose to study at.


Out of all these amazing universities mentioned afore and many others that weren’t mentioned, there is one university that seems to stand out with a noteworthy presence and that is the Stockholm University.


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This astounding university is recorded to be part of some of the most remarkable and widely recognized top universities in Sweden and also around the world, this article will throw out a hint on why this is so.


If you are a student whose dream is to go for a degree and further your education in a country like Sweden, Stockholm University should be among your first choice of universities. You may be currently asking loads of questions on how much it would cost you to study there or how you can be able to easily cut down expenses at this university but worry less, because this article is here to help.


“What about the immense cost of studying there?”,”Isn’t studying at the Stockholm University expensive?”, “How can I be able to fund my tuition together with other important expenses there?”. These aforementioned questions are just a few out of several othe questions that lots of people usually ask whenever you propose the idea of studying at the Stockholm University to them.


If you are reading this now and you often ask these kinds of questions, you should worry less because this article will extensively enlighten you. We are going to be looking into how you, as an international student, can effortlessly find your way around study costs at Stockholm University with the use of scholarships which shall also be listed further down this article.


Just before we move onto any further details, let us talk about why as an aspiring student, you should pick Stockholm University as a place to study.


Why Choose Stockholm University?

The formation of this great university can be tracked back to 1878 (first as a college) before it later received university status in 1960. Since the establishment of Stockholm University, it has been regularly recorded as one of Sweden’s top rated universities and this remarkable university has never seemed to step down from the top.


Here is a fact that should be of interest to you, there are about 40 thousand students currently studying at Stockholm University and do you want to know something that should get you enthusiastic about this little bit of information?


You reading this right now can actually be part of students who are currently chasing their different academical objectives and goals at this university.


And if you do not have enough financial aid or capabilities to bear the weight of tuition costs, travel costs, accommodation and other costs of living, there are several scholarships available. With these helpful scholarships, students can now get the chance to go for their different degrees without worrying much about expenses.


Students can also get the chance to be part of an academical stage that would assist them with gaining an internationally recognized qualification and also immensely improving their career prospects due to the weight a Swedish certification carries and many other golden benefits.


Now, for those who are very much interested in the postgraduate scholarship programs that the Stockholm University has to offer, it’s good to note that you can be part of the candidates. Some of these scholarships will be listed below and if you want to apply, make sure you visit the official website.


1. Erasmus+ Programme

As a student, the Erasmus+ is an European mobility programme which would give you and other students the opportunity to study or conduct a traineeship in Europe with a scholarship.


Students on masters- bachelors- and also PHD-level can take part in Erasmus+ mobility which is known to be a great opportunity to broaden students’ perspectives and discovery of Europe.


The Erasmus+ programme would award students with:

Semester long mobility (60-360 days): A top-up of 250 EUR/month.


Short term mobility and short blended mobility including BIP (5-30 days): A top-up of 100 EUR for mobilities with a duration of 5-14 days and 150 EUR for mobilities with a duration of 15-30 days.



To be eligible for the Erasmus+ programme you must:

Be a registered and active student at Stockholm University, where you intend to graduate. (note that Students on study leave are not eligible).


Study full time or do full-time work at an eligible organization for a minimum of a minimum of 60 days, but no more than 360 days per education cycle (bachelor, master or PhD level).


Not have been on an Erasmus+ mobility before.


Possess a signed Learning Agreement before departure.


Take a language assessment (OLS).

To apply for this scholarship, CLICK HERE.


2. Sigrid Arrhenius Scholarship

The Sigrid Arrhenius Scholarship is awarded as an economic support to promising researchers at the Faculty of Science at Stockholm University.


If you eventually become a successful recipient of this scholarship, you are expected to obtain a PhD degree and must be working on a PhD thesis in one of the following subject areas – CHEMISTRY, PHYSICS, MATHEMATICS, GEOLOGY, ASTRONOMY or METEOROLOGY.


It is also important to note that he PhD thesis is expected to be defended during 2022 or 2023 and you’re also expected to not have defended the thesis before the end of the application period. A scholarship amounting to 61.000 kronor will be awarded.

To apply for Sigrid Arrhenius Scholarship, CLICK HERE.


3. Liljevalch’s and Augustinsson’s Travel Grants

Travel grants for PhD students of the Faculty of Science. These grants are awarded yearly and the call for applications takes place in January each year.


Also note that the travel grant can be awarded to those who are not yet 35 years old at the moment of the applicaton deadline and who have already been registered at Stockholm University for at least two semesters (the present semester excluded).


It’s also important to know that only applications from PhD students will be considered. The grant is awarded in regard to the applicant’s scientific achievements and the purpose of travel. There is a total of 160 000 SEK at disposal 2022 and no grant will be less than 3 000 SEK.


The Grant period is for just one Calendar year, beginning the day of the formal decision (around the beginning of May) and expiring on the same day one year later. Travels must occur within the grant period. For more information regarding this, do well to visit the official website.



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